Remodeled Master Bathroom – Southlake Tx

In this remodeled master bathroom, the right materials complement the new space, not just visually, but with character and taste. Is a place where this family prints their own touch, involve in every aspect. With her and his in mind. “She wanted a cozy place to relax” and “He wanted the contemporary look”.
Our team put every aspect of imagination and design in their perspective, with 3D demo’s helped to visualize; colors, textures, materials, and so on. Patters on tile that give more character to a regular shower, and combinations of different styles, subway with diagonal with rectangular accents adding soap and shampoo disposal

Lighting . Vanity lighting place right above the sink, add a cozy and warm feel. but this MR16 brush nickel give sophistication to the focal point on the two sinks. This operates with a Dimmer switch.
Sconces strategically place in the center of the wall offer additional illumination
Track light provide distinct decorative brush nickel element

Surfaces Walls and ceiling have been change not just color, but getting rid off the wall paper.
Granite surface and back splash give a nice balance between the Uba Tuba and Cherry spice.
New Floor tile with the same color patterns keeping a nice flow of materials.

Vanity. Custom cabinets, with a Cherry Spice stain. and cabinet above the toilet. straight lines on design helps to give the modern style. Double mirror is place on each sink, matching the same stain, gives uniformity, as well as the medicine cabinet, from plain white to Spice, Cherry spice.
Very nice pieces of Faucets, simple but beautiful, from shower, bathtub, and vanity. And to mention the two vessel sinks, with green marks to tie the uba tuba green.
Accessories. Towel racks, electrical covers, cabinet hardware, make one word, great!, that’s the nice flow in every concept, small details.

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