Home Theater (II part) Wylie Texas

Home Theater MultiZone, a 5.1 Surround system for first zone mounted on the wall, and 2 Channel for second Zone, with 2 recessed ceiling speaker, controlled with a volume knob mounted on the wall. Plasma TV mounted on wall, power line supply, Coaxial, HDMI, Fiber Optic and Composite. Receiver and DVD player. Game Room Plasma […]

Home Theather, Bathroom, lighting – Wylie Tx

A 5.1 Audio System install from inside to exterior speakers. Build in a inside wall. Remodel Bathroom, new sink, remove wallpaper, texture and paint, accessories. High voltage and low voltage lighting. Under mount directional lights on cabinets. Chandeliers and ceiling fans. more to come   Fell Free

Acid Stain Preparation, Carrollton Tx.

Acid Stain are available in various colors, and it is a delicate and long, here is some tips:   Some tips:   Preparation Clean the concrete from any stain as possible, if it is possible use a buffer machine, when you cleaning is important to vacuum right behind so the particles still floating Applying Help […]