Master Bathroom, Kitchen and Floors – The Colony Tx

This time from concrete stain to tile, and new balance on kitchen and half and master bathrooms. Shower glass enclosure, back splash, and small details that make pop up the project.
Surfaces . New tile floor on kitchen, half bath and master bath. Sizes from 18×18, 13×13, 6×6, 2×2, creating a flow over all the elements, 2×2 inserts on floors like Roman Bath, at the same time over the new shower. 2×2’s for backsplash on kitchen.
Elements . Glass frameless doors and Floor tile.
Accessories . New lighting, faucets, fixtures, towel racks, cover plates.

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  1. December 16, 2010 at 5:15 am

    seems the voltage to the lights has gradually been reduced, probably damp on the wires or a wire becoming loose, if you have it on a serial curcuit it only need to happen to one light then they all go out, get an electrician for the job to remove and find the fault.

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