Acid Stain Floors, and New Master Bathroom

This is a final Project for this new Master Bath and new Floors…Replacing the carpet for tile is common in this days, but carpet to concrete is not common at all…with acid stain to concrete floors, give the nice appearance of the modern and a very nice option to the design of the space.. in Walls.
First, Gold Satin, and new base boards, give the contrast to the dark brown color on floor. Second, nice neutral silver gray satin, modern look for kids room, also with acid stain floors, the Third, the change was minimum on walls, antique white, but the new blue ceiling give the room all new appearance!
For the New Master Bath., just the fancy look of natural stone, travertine on floors and the shower and bath tub, combination of travertine and marble, and new shower enclosure, frameless, with all the new fixtures and hardware brush nickel. More pictures soon

Concrete floor, acid stain, combination of two stains.
Travertine 16×16
Modern look brush nickel, in all the master bath.
Glass frameless for showers, with brush nickel hardware.
Gold Satin, master room. Silver Satin, kids room, Antique White and Blue Ceiling, kids room.

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